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Used Tires and Wheel Shop in Clayton, NC.
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Used Tires and Wheel Shop Clayton, NC.Used Tires in Clayton NC.

10517 US-70 Bus (business) Clayton, NC 27520

Full service used tires and new tires shop in Clayton North Carolina for tires, oil changes, alignments, tire rotation, wheel balancing, window tinting, mechanicals and more.

Located just off HWY 70 business in Clayton, just past 42 or just before depending in if you’re coming or going in or out of Clayton.

Fully trained and experience used tire / new tire replacement for new or old cars, import and domestics.

Open 7 days a week

Used Tires Shop in Clayton, NC. 27520 for quick used tires or new tires mounted and balanced.  Used tires can be a quick fix to get you through until your new tire purchase.  Make sure your tire wear is not alignment related, we can check that while you’re here.  

Need other mechanicals?  We do those…

Other Auto Repair Services Include:

Mechanical services, Belts & hoses, Brake fluid exchange, Shocks & struts, Wiper blade, Wheel alignments, Lighting & bulbs, Oil change, Tire rotations, Brakes

Our Full List of Auto Repair Services

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