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Used-Tire-MaintenanceUsed Tire and New Tire Maintenance

Rotating and balancing your used tires or new tires will help prevent uneven tire wear and help you get every last mile out of them.

Rotating front to back and even crossing them helps even them out.

If your car is front wheel drive, you will experience more wear on the front tires, if it’s rear wheel drive you will experience more wear on the rear.  The drive wheels always wear first and when rotated, it will prevent premature wear.

Sometimes as your tires wear, you will experience air loss, could be quick air loss (4-5 days) or slow (4 to 5 weeks).  Sometimes dirt and debris can get stuck in your valve stem (the hole you pump the tire up with), or it can work its way into the bead of the tire and cause slow air leaks.  Simply placing the wheel in a bucket of water will show these small leeks.  We can then replace the valve stem, reseat the tire and even patch (we do not plug tires) the used tire for a permanent repair.

Tire rotation and balancing is a cost effective maintenance step and combining that with other recommended used tire maintenance tasks, you see how you can get every last mile out of your tires.

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